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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ladies who Brunch!

I love any excuse to see my girlfriends and also any excuse to cook and try out some new recipes. One perfect Sunday morning I invited six beautiful friends over for brunch. For the table styling I picked a palette of black, yellow and white. The colours looked fresh and reflected the morning sun of the day.

The Menu
I wanted the food to be set up on the table and the guests to eat as they pleased.

 My Glossy black teapot from Tout Mon Amour

The Table setting 

Baked Ricotta with prosciutto and homemade relish. The small white dishes are from....... Target... yes thats right at only $1 each!!! Its an elegant way of serving small dishes.

Zucchini fritters with creme fraiche and dill

Yogurt, berry pots with honey baked macadamia nuts

Tea-bag choc dipped cookies- serve at each teacup

Twist on a classic- I grew up with my mum making pineapple tea cake, especially since it was my brothers favourite... and still is. I made miniature versions with honey buttercream and made a pineapple flower (made by drying a slice of pineapple in a slow oven- looks like a sunflower) 

Go on ring your friends and hold a brunch at home- any recipes can be posted upon request.
Happy Event planning

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fancy a Favor?

Planning a wedding, Christening or any special event there are so many elements to research and put together. 
One such element is the favors or "bomboniere".
I have put together a few of my favourite favor ideas for any occasion.

Mini French Apothecary jars
These stunning jars would look so elegant on any event table. In the pic it shows 3 delicious french macaroons inside the jar, but this could also be filled with sweets in the event colour, chocolates or cookies. The tag can hold your words of thanks or actually be part of the table setting and name of the guest. You can purchase this wonderful find from Sharnel Dollar Designs.

Homemade cookies
These cookies are created by artisian cookie creators Cookie Dough Biscuit. This is a great idea for an event favor with personalised labels to show your words of thanks. The cookies could also be a part of a dessert buffet or even put into jars just like above. Who doesnt love homemade cookies- not just for a kids party.

Love heart Lollypops

Lolly pops are a fun way of not only having a cute favor for your guests, but also introducing colour to the event tables. The ribbon can hold the tags and guest names at each table setting or can be displayed as above in a vase and become the table centerpiece. The lolly pops can be ordered from Tout Mon Amour.

Milk Carton Candy Boxes

Now these are chic lollybags or boxes... fill them with any candy to suit your event. Mix lollies for the kids party or rich chocolate bon bons for the grown ups. They are very modern and will brighten up any event. Boxes are available from Candy Soirees.

Happy planning your next event!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tickle the Imagination!

I love a good magazine. And even though I am happily married, going on 7 + years, I do still love a good wedding mag. They are after all the biggest party in a persons life. Wedding now are very personalised, unique and very styled. The latest online by "Tickle the Imagination" displays all the style and details to create a perfect wedding for anyone. Have a look and start planning your next event!!!!!!
 Click Here

Monday, September 26, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow!

A perfect theme for a 1st birthday- colourful and fun. My friend Anya threw a fantastic rainbow party for her daughter Piper. Every detail of the party followed the theme and all the clever ideas were created by the host. Most parties these days especially children's parties, the focus is usually on the desserts and decorations. In this party however Anya had a clever idea of the rainbow theme being represented in the lunch as well, with hamburgers and all the colourful ingredients set out just like a rainbow.

Details details.......

The gorgeous garden was transformed into a rainbow wonderland with a colouring station, pall pit, colourful mat and obstacle course, all surrounded by Bali flags of every colour.
The serving table was decorated by tissue pom poms, paper lantern and balloons.

The Food:
For lunch HAMBURGERS yum- with all ingredients set out just like...... a rainbow
Dessert- rainbow cake, cupcakes, fruit kebabs, fairy bread & jelly Jars

 Ingredients for the hamburger fillings

Rainbow Dessert table
 Colourful fruit kebabs

 fairy bread- a must for all kids parties

 Rainbow jelly jars- this creative dessert was made by the host such a wonderful idea!

Even the inside of this delicious cake had a rainbow- made by the host Anya

 Gift bags: filled with lots of "rainbow" goodies purchased from Little Styles

Thank you to Piper and her creative mum and dad for letting me share your wonderful party!

Enjoy planning your next Event........

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Delightful Afternoon party

I love any excuse to throw a party. So when my Father in law asked if us "kids" could organise something for my mother in law's birthday, my husband and I gladly volunteered. We decided with spring around the corner to have a afternoon party with a earthy and green theme. 

Details, Details....
Decorations: Using the green palette I used small paper lanterns from Pink Frosting. I also created a paper chain using two wrapping papers cut into strips and linked using double sided tape. Paper chain are the "New Thing" in paper decorations at the moment- very cheap, easy to create and effective.
Napkins: apple green cocktail napkins also from Pink Frosting
Plates & cutlery: wooden plates and cutlery from Donna Hay General store

Green paper lantern and paper chains

wooden cocktail plates & apple green napkins

We decided to something different from our usual family BBQ and have all finger food, but things we have never made before. Each couple was to bring a couple of plates. It was success- the food was superb!
Cheese board on a slab of timber. Included homemade pumpkin dip, pepper brie, aged cheddar, spiced pear paste & sugared and black pepper fruit (courtesy of the amazing Donna Hay and her recipes I adore)

 Potato & vege mini pots

Roast pork belly & caramelised apple

Rare steak and salsa verde on toast
Coconut, macadamia prawns skewers with tartare and chilli dipping sauces

Scallops on pea puree & potato

 Gorgeous & delicious flourless chocolate and raspberry cake with strawberries made by my sis in law

I made a refreshing apple and ginger punch

Recipe for punch:
1 part ginger beer with 3 parts cloudy apple juice, apple slices and mint leaves serve with lots of ice

Enjoy- and get planning for your next EVENT!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Push a Push POP!

 Image via Mon Tresor

I am very exciting to be writing about the latest dessert craze- Push pops or another wise known as Cake Shooters.
Its seems to be at parties its all about the "entertainment" element of the food rather than the food itself. With these "push pop" cake shooters you can combine the two. A fun gimmick to surprise your guest filled with any of your favourite desserts.
I first found these amazing desserts featured over at One Charming Party.

  Image via One Charming Party

My mind ( and my tastebuds) go crazy at all the many desserts that could work as a cake shooter.
You could fill the containers with any dessert combination- just use the container itself as a cookie/cake cutter.

 Image via One Charming Party

 Mon Tresor will have these containers available through their website within the next week, so get in with those orders and ideas for all your party needs.

I have listed a few below and even included a little recipe to get you started!.
Cheesecake Push pops
Cookies & Cream
Strawberries and Cream
Lemon Meringue Pie

Frozen pops- ice cream or frozen yogurt
Triffle shooter

Tiramisu Shooter

Take savoiardi biscuits (sponge finger biscuits) and soak in expresso for 5 minutes
They should be soft enough to cut up and put a small layer in the pop container
Mix one part pouring cream to 3 parts to Mascarpone 
Layer the cream mixture on top of the biscuits, crush some flake chocolate of top of the cream mixture.
Repeat the layers so that you finish with the crushed flake.
Push and Enjoy!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The very first EVENT!!!

This is my very first blog post. A perfect way to start the "first" is with a first birthday. The birthday girl is my little bubba Bowie. The theme of the party was based on the whimsical tale by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, with a twist- "Bowies in ONEderland".
The setting of the party was a home afternoon tea party with a red, blue and pink colour palette.

 The invitation- home made by me with supplies sourced from Etsy.

Table setting- a combination of tea cups, fresh red roses, large playing cards and tissue pom poms
The cake- simple toadstool made by me
The food & Drinks- all the food followed the theme in every way, from tea party cupcakes and tea cup cookies, heart shape sandwiches, Turkish delight rolls representing the caterpillars pipe and Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Sliders. For beverages a selection of teas were served allow with strawberry milkshakes.

The well known scene from the films and of course the book where Alice grows and shrinks from the "eat me" and "drink me" was recreated with printable labels purchased by the fabulous Tom Kat Studios.
The party favors were a tea cup cookie for each guest to take home created by the wonderful Cookie Creations.

Birthday Girl enjoying her cookie!
Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post- hopefully many more to come!

The spectacular Suppliers: